I love pet photography and I’ve photographed rabbits and cats in the studio as well as dogs, but generally photograph dogs and horses on location throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. I approach photographing your pets the same as I do anything else and that is to keep the shoot as relaxed as possible and try to get them to do things they enjoy doing as well as taking advantage of the quiet moments to get those classic images for you. For details of shoots please see below –

Suffolk and Norfolk Equine Photography

There are many ways we can go about photographing your horse; one of the most popular ways is to capture you and your horse on a lead rein with you dressed in casual clothing. We can do it at your yard, down any surrounding lanes or any fields you have access to – or we can do it on location, at the beach or on your favourite hack. I allow time for a change so if you wanted to get geared up to ride then we can do this also. Shoot time is around 2 hours.

Yard shoots are another more cost effective way to allow yourself and several people in your yard to have access to me, where I can allocate time slots for each horse and rider and photograph everybody individually or another option which I have done in the past is when many riders get together and head to the beach where I can just take candid shots as you’re all riding and individual portrait shots where possible.

If you compete with your horse then I am always willing to photograph at any training sessions you attend, as long as it’s cleared with the venue and I am not impinging on other photographers that are booked to cover any sessions/events.

I’ve been photographing horses for as long as I’ve been photographing professionally. My main concern is for you and your horse’s safety so will never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with and my aim is to make this a fun, relaxed shoot where I can capture some lovely images of you and your horse.

Suffolk and Norfolk Dog Photography

With dogs we have a few more options open to us to get the best photography; we can do it at your home, especially if you have a good sized garden, or we can go on your favourite walk, country park or beach and we also have available the option of a studio shoot, where we can get some classically lit photos of your dog, which usually requires a bit more patience and bribery with lots of treats, but we can still get shots that show your dog’s character.

Always happy to include family in the shots and with an outdoor location shoot we have so much more scope, with plenty of areas around Norfolk where we can let your dog have some fun whilst I photograph them.

I do several dog shows every year, so I’m always willing to attend any if there are no other photographers covering the event and often cover disciplines such as agility and photograph gun dogs competing in water retrieval and scurry events, so if you would like some images of your dog captured whilst practicing for these I am able to capture action shots of your dog where I could get into better positions to photograph that I can’t get into in competitions.