My style of photography can be categorised by several terms; I like to call it documentary photography, but it’s also known as reportage or photojournalism. I tell the story of your wedding day or your photo shoot through pictures, capturing the day as it happens, for the moments you then look back on.

I am discreet, unobtrusive and I won’t take over. I am very patient, used to working with animals and children, so when we go on a location shoot I want your family to enjoy it, for the photos you can look back on and smile.

I’m constantly taking pictures so you may find yourself with 750 photos to look back on from your wedding day, or 150 photos from your portrait shoot!

For most shoots I carry with me four camera bodies and a number of lenses with other back up equipment to ensure we have no issues.

Importantly, the photo shoot that you see is only half the job. The other half of the job is spent in edit, putting in place the detailed finishing touches for the photo record of your day.

To ensure your booking for the day, we require a deposit. Shoots are normally structured from hourly to daily shoots, when you see the photographs being taken. But the equivalent time is also spent in the studio to produce each package for the client.  Since no two shoots are ever the same, we aim to provide a flexible solution for your budget or need.



As one of the most important days in any couple’s life, I like to meet clients at the location before, to discuss the shoot and the feel or style you are looking for. I can divide a wedding shoot into three or so groupings, depending on the client’s preferences or budgets.

The first stage of the shoot is always the wedding ceremony, from the groom’s, guests’ and bride’s arrival through to the signing of the register, that then lead to the family and group shots.

The second stage of the day would lead through the reception and dinner with family speeches

Finally we can extend the shoot through to the first dance, the evening and the celebration of the day.

We can view the various options each client would like to explore which run from several hundred pounds for the ceremony to just over one thousand pounds for the day shoot and processing.  Further printing process options are available for extended family or friends.

Please do contact Andy at for further information and booking arrangements.


Portraits, Lifestyle & Events

These shoots can be carried out in the studio or on location, depending on the moments you wish to capture.

From christenings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays or graduations there are numerous family occasions, which clients ask us to capture.  Of course we should think of those individual moments, such as grandmas 80th, second marriage vows or a newborn baby.

Events take up a considerable portion of many peoples calendar. From horse trials to dog shows, balloon trips to racing cars or motorcycles, the scope of events is broadening constantly. We aim to provide you with a beautiful permanent record, of something that can never be repeated.

All of these shoots can be divided into two hourly up to full day shoots, with a number or printing options available.

Please do contact Andy at for further information and booking arrangements.


Commercial Shoots.

Commercial shoots require a different style of working, but are increasingly important for the entrepreneur to distinguish their brand. The finished photographic work is then used for printed literature, advertising, websites and of course social media. The finished photographic work is then supplied in various formats to suit the method of display or marketing.

Packages can be structured for the client, either in the studio or on location from an hourly rate, working towards extended packages for ranges of products or complex shoots for photography to really make your brand stand out.

Please do contact Andy at for further information and booking arrangements.


360 Photography

360 photography is specialist work that plays an increasing importance in our interconnected world and can be used on your Google business listing, your website and importantly on social media.

But it is specialist work that requires not just the shoot, but extended back room editing to ensure a complete picture for the client.

Shoots are arranged on a per shot basis normally, but packages can be arranged for more complex shoots, using several subjects, products or ranges, that can last days or even weeks.

Please do contact Andy at for further information and booking arrangements.